Simulation and Divination

Do you believe we are living in a simulation? I personally do not. However, I do not have a very good argument on why we are NOT in a simulation, either. But here are my thoughts. Let’s divide this into two sections. Section A: Simulation Simulation is something that is programmed in a computer. When… Continue reading Simulation and Divination

Assigning value around you

Disclaimer: This is possibly another internet gyaan post. I do not currently adhere to what’s mentioned here, at least for now. Hopefully should follow this. Here’s a thought-provoking motivation written in terms of capitalistic sense. How do we assign value to things around us? Be it a company, digital asset, land, or possibly a note… Continue reading Assigning value around you

Conversational Threshold

You have conversational tones and vocabulary, and you use them only with a certain group of people or an individual. What happens when you build this particular tone over a period of time? I think they are forged that way unless there’s a massive external factor influencing that behavior. What can be the drawback of… Continue reading Conversational Threshold

Curiosity Threshold

I am writing this post while I wait for the 5 PM show of “Celestial Fireworks” at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore. The exhibits at “Science Park” which is part of the planetarium property, make the kids awestruck. I remember being curious at that age trying to know why certain things happen in a certain way.… Continue reading Curiosity Threshold


Hi there! Here are some random notes about this blog: This site is just a place to organise my thoughts. You can either agree with them or not, you are entitled to your thoughts and opinion. You may find the language used in this site to be a bit weird. That’s because I do not… Continue reading About