Simulation and Divination

Do you believe we are living in a simulation? I personally do not. However, I do not have a very good argument on why we are NOT in a simulation, either. But here are my thoughts. Let’s divide this into two sections. Section A: Simulation Simulation is something that is programmed in a computer. When… Continue reading Simulation and Divination

Assigning value around you

Disclaimer: This is possibly another internet gyaan post. I do not currently adhere to what’s mentioned here, at least for now. Hopefully should follow this. Here’s a thought-provoking motivation written in terms of capitalistic sense. How do we assign value to things around us? Be it a company, digital asset, land, or possibly a note… Continue reading Assigning value around you

Conversational Threshold

You have conversational tones and vocabulary, and you use them only with a certain group of people or an individual. What happens when you build this particular tone over a period of time? I think they are forged that way unless there’s a massive external factor influencing that behavior. What can be the drawback of… Continue reading Conversational Threshold