Simulation and Divination

Do you believe we are living in a simulation? I personally do not. However, I do not have a very good argument on why we are NOT in a simulation, either. But here are my thoughts.

Let’s divide this into two sections.

Section A: Simulation

Simulation is something that is programmed in a computer. When we simulate something, we give properties to every element present in that simulation.

This way, when we “start” the simulation to visually play out, the computer determines EACH AND EVERY OUTCOME of what’s happening in that simulation before it’s been played out. (maybe the outcome of the final behavior of that simulation is computed in the first couple of seconds but it’s played out in the next 10 mins)

Please note that NOTHING IS ACTUALLY RANDOM in computers. They are programmed to be random in a certain way. 😉

Section B: Divination

The above being said, do you REALLY believe that you are in charge of your destiny? If you believe that you are living in a simulation, then I have some bad news for you. Next time when you meet an astrologer, check with him/ her if he has access to the simulation results.

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